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msg360 work with a network of partners and resellers across the globe to deliver pURL solutions to a wide and varied customer base. Typically, but not exclusively, those resellers are marketing agencies, direct mail agencies or digital printers.

As a reseller your business can provide pURL solutions as an integrated part of your business offering, and with your own branding. It means you can combine the compelling business case for using pURL technology with your own unique proposition to offer your clients proven, more precise and powerful ways to market their products and services.

msg360 will continue to provide the technology and the expertise to create and manage solutions that meet your client’s specific needs, but everything will be branded and labelled to match your organisation. And we’ll also make sure it seamlessly integrates into any existing technologies you offer.

What do you get?

Great technology is only part of the answer. To help you and your business succeed in moving into this exciting new area, we provide you with:

  • Support in the development of a unique business proposition, tailored around the values and strengths of your existing business. We'll help you to:
    • Develop sales collateral
    • Prepare bids
    • Present to clients. We're always happy to attend client meetings with you, as a representative of you and your business
    • Train your sales team
  • Regular face to face sessions, where we share best practice and success stories with you, to help you to continue to win business and deliver successful solutions. We'll also update you on the latest developments in our technology and give you the opportunity to input into the future direction of our solution.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee to join our reseller scheme. If we can see that you're as enthusiastic about the potental of this technology as we are then we'll provide you with all this support at no cost. However, we do ask that you start by using our pURL technology to promote your own business. Our experience has shown a stark contrast in the success of those resellers who start with a campaign of their own, and those who don't. Creating a campaign of your own gives you a case study of your own and demonstrates that you're practising what you preach.

To find out more about how msg360 can help your business, get in touch.